• Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for Women’s Health

  • Acupuncture For Women's Health

    Women’s reproductive health is a personal experience. Not every woman has the same health pattern or history. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine custom approach to health care allows the practitioner to create treatment plans based on individual’s needs, not just the symptoms. This is one of the great reasons why acupuncture and Oriental medicine is an extremely effective tool in supporting a woman’s journey from childhood, adolescence, adulthood and beyond.

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture uses a holistic approach in understanding women’s health. Mr. Moutafis utilizes his training in both western and traditional medicine to offer his patients a custom-made therapeutic program that focuses on each patient’s specific needs. These natural, gentle and effective techniques allow many women to find benefits that can last a lifetime.

    In general, women have more awareness of their bodies than men. This is primarily due to having to cope with their menstruation cycles since adolescence. This very important cycle regulates reproductive tissue growth and hormone levels. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can have numerous positive effects in women’s health. In most cases, patients find these therapies can help to:

    • Regulate menstrual cycles
    • Correct irregular periods
    • Reduce and eliminate pain prior and during cycles
    • Eliminate hormone related acne and dermatological conditions
    • Treat and manage symptoms of endometriosis
    • Reduce the size and eliminate uterine fibroids

    Another amazing usage of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in women’s health is with individuals who have fertility issues. Metro Detroit Acupuncture works with some of Detroit’s top reproductive specialist to support patient’s needs in this field. Mr. Moutafis’ education, both in the United States and China, has given him a specialized skill set that help patients with:

    • Increasing the bodies ability to get pregnant naturally
    • Supporting modern fertility therapies
      • Hormone therapy
      • IVF pre and post transfer

    Prenatal therapies for women are another specialty of Mr. Moutafis. Acupuncture is a wonderful and safe technique that can be used both during and after pregnancy. Patients that utilize Metro Detroit Acupuncture services have found benefits that include:

    • Prenatal support for nausea
    • Prenatal fatigue
    • Low and upper pain management
    • Post birth hemorrhoids
    • Post birth pelvic floor pain
    • Increase lactation production
    • Restore hair thickness and growth

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture can be helpful in all stages of a women’s reproductive life. A particularly helpful time for acupuncture and Oriental medicine is during menopause. Patients find that acupuncture helps with major symptoms without any side effects. In particular, women that use acupuncture and Oriental medicine find that these therapies can help:

    • Eliminate hot flashes due to natural aging
    • Improve sleep patterns
    • Early hair loss
    • Improve overall digestive health

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture is able to support women in all stages of their lives. Utilizing long lasting therapies that carry no side effects, women have a safe and effective tool to ensure a long and healthy lifestyle.