• Acupuncture And Chinese Herbs Uniquely Formulated Just For Children

  • Raising kids in today’s society is very challenging, and keeping your children healthy can often become a full time job. Food allergies, Michigan environmental sensitivities, and the flu are all common encounters that fight against the wellbeing of children and teenagers.

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture specializes in pediatric healthcare. We accomplish this with experienced and clinically proven acupuncture treatment, traditional Chinese herbs, and by promoting non-addictive all natural medicine that works. 

  • Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, in conjunction with modern medical care has been medically proven to help children and teenagers thrive, manage pain and even prevent illness.  This ancient medical wellness system has the unique ability to treat and cure a variety of common and complex illnesses. Our unique combination of oriental medicine with today’s modern medical knowledge is clinically proven to manage, reduce and successfully treat:

    • Common Cold And Flu Symptoms
    • Allergic Reactions To Foods And Environment
    • Digestive And Regularity Problems
    • Seasonal And Environmental Allergies

    • Severe Headaches And Migraines
    • Worry, Anxiety And Depression Issues
    • Nose, Sinus And Ear Problems
    • Pediatric Dermatology And Skin Problems

    • Chronic Pain And Trauma Related Pain
    • Pediatric Asthma And Breathing Problems
    • Sports Related Injuries And Pain Management
    • Mood Disorders And Social Behavior Imbalances
    • Conditions That Lead To Poor Academics 

    In addition, Metro Detroit Acupuncture specializes in educating parents to better understand their child’s unique health concerns. We have successfully helped numerous families in the last 10 years find permanent solutions for some of the most challenging medical conditions our society faces. The combinations of Oriental Medicine and holistic acupuncture for children have proven to yield miraculous results for children here in Michigan.

  • Experienced Acupuncture Treatment With Children And Teens

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture has a decade of experience in working with children as well as teens and adults. Acupuncture for children is different than acupuncture for adults and the elderly. Children’s bodies are constantly growing and changing, and we use this knowledge along with traditional Chinese medicine to fend off diseases and recover from injury or illness faster and better.

    Our many years of experience in acupuncture along with the finest education greatly enhance our ability to successfully treat children here in Michigan. In addition, most children are very willing to try acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help them feel better and stay healthy. We’ve also discovered that many children’s parents report better academics as a direct result of our treatment.

    The use of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in pediatric cases can be different from adults. Pediatric acupuncture is always gentle, and in most cases pediatric acupuncture differs a bit with:

    • A Shorter Duration Time For Treatment
    • Much Faster Reaction Time To Acupuncture Treatments
    • Longer Lasting Results And Quicker Reaction Times
    • Increased Energy, Happier Sense Of Being And Better Academics

    As we’ve all witnessed, the living body was made to grow at a remarkable rate. Our body’s ability to heal and maintain health can be directly improved with the use of medical acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Metro Detroit Acupuncture is proud to offer local Michigan residents proven Clinical therapy using extraordinary oriental medicine that yields exceptional results.

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