• Personal Success With Headache And Migraine Treatment Using Acupuncture And Holistic Medicine

  • When other physicians or therapists write or speak to you about headache or migraine treatment, they often rely on clinical studies or their experience with patients. In contrast, I, (Marino Moutafis, Founder of Metro Detroit Acupuncture) have first-hand knowledge of headache and migraine pain from personal experience over many years.

    I suffered from my first migraine at the age of four. During those early years, I experienced ongoing head pain which restricted my ability to play with friends, participate in sports, and attend school.

  • To make matters worse, I experienced many years of suffering, and soon discovered that physicians could never really find an effective way to manage my headaches and migraines with Western medicine.

  • My Ongoing Migraines Were Completely Eliminated

    As I aged further into my college years, the levels of pain and the frequencies of my headaches worsened. Fortunately, it was right at the same time that I started to explore holistic medicine, or alternative medicine, as a viable approach to my ongoing condition. This experience and first-hand education finally gave me the ability to understand the true causes of my migraines, and then begin the journey to effectively treat and eliminate my severe headaches. Since then I am completely healed, and I now enjoy the pain free lifestyle every day that I truly deserve.

  • “Holistic medicine opened the doors for the reduction and elimination of my headaches and migraines. Through this process I became personally and clinically educated to effectively use acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs to help hundreds of people just like you. Now you can easily take advantage of my experience and extensive education to make the necessary lifestyle changes, utilize holistic medicine and live a pain free life.”

  • Acupuncture and Oriental medicine have proven to easily make viable and lasting improvements in headache and migraine treatment and pain management. It is such a powerful method that many patients feel their head pain resolve within moments after the first acupuncture needle is inserted. Please understand that your case can vary, but the majority of patients who visit our Metro Detroit Acupuncture office in West Bloomfield quickly discover these amazing results:

    • Immediate Reduction Or Elimination Of Headaches And Migraine Pain
    • Less Reoccurring Headaches Or Migraines
    • Reduction Or Elimination Of Pain Medication
    • Total Prevention Of Reoccurring Headaches Or Migraines

    Research studies have constantly proven the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of migraine headaches. In a study published by The Canadian Medical Association Journal, people who suffered from migraines and used acupuncture therapy reported less frequency and intensity of migraines than those who had migraines and did not use acupuncture therapy. This study, along with many others show over and over again that acupuncture is a safe, comfortable and a valuable alternative in treating, eliminating or permanently reducing head pain and migraines.

  • Various types of headache and migraine pain that are reduced, managed or eliminated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs include:

    • Sinus Or Allergy Related Head Pain
    • Optical And Visual Related Head Pain Or Migraine
    • Neurological Related Head Pain Or Migraine
    • TMJ, TMD And Other Jaw Related Head Pain
    • Post-Concussion Syndrome Related Head Pain Or Migraine
    • Hormonal Related Head Pain Or Migraine
    • Stress Induced Head Pain Or Migraine
    • PTSD Related Head Pain Or Migraine
    • Auto Accident Related Head Pain Or Migraine

    In addition, long term benefits of the acupuncture therapy may include the elimination of head pain and an increased sense of wellness and quality of life. Metro Detroit Acupuncture creates specialized treatment protocols focused on long lasting prevention and treatment of migraine pain.

  • Join The Many Others That Have Discovered Acupuncture For The Treatment Of Headaches And Migraines!