• Insurance Companies Widely Accepting Acupuncture For Pain Management 

  • In the past 20 years the use of medical acupuncture as pain management has grown tremendously with mainstream Michigan hospitals, healthcare providers and insurance companies.

    Michigan medical service providers and insurance companies finally recognize that acupuncture can be an excellent complement or alternative to other evasive medical treatments such as surgery, physical therapy, pain injections and drug therapies that can lead to addiction.

  • The medical community as a whole is now currently recognizing the use of acupuncture as effective pain management. It is extremely effective for reducing or eliminating the need for pain medications and their unwanted side-effects from conventional pain management techniques.

    There are many proven empirical benefits to medical acupuncture as a very successful pain management and pain elimination alternative to drugs and surgery, and these include:

    • Faster Pain Recovery Times And A Faster Healing Process
    • Avoid Using Drugs That Oftentimes Are Addictive
    • A Large Reduction In The Reoccurrence Of Pain/Effectively Stopping Pain From Ever Returning
    • A Reduced Area Of Pain And Inflammation For More Relief
    • Less Intensity Of Pain And Faster Decrease Of Pain
    • An Increased Range Of Motion, Flexibility And Mobility
    • More Endurance And Energy Throughout The Body
    • Better Sleep, Less Anxiety And Less Depression
    • A Natural Healing Process For Your Body And Better Overall Pain Management And Pain Relief

    Researchers in the medical community have put forth great efforts in exploring new protocols that demonstrate the many benefits of integrating acupuncture for the treatment of pain. These scientific discoveries have currently surged the use of medical acupuncture to the forefront of modern medicine.

  • Acupuncture Gains Support With US Military And Medical Community For Pain Relief

    The US Military and the Veteran’s Association have also been one of acupuncture’s current supporters in the treatment of pain management. Physicians with these groups have found that acupuncture is an effective therapy; allowing for their patients to reduce their use of opioids and NSAIDs.

  • “Acupuncture has a unique ability to manage pain in multiple areas of concern at the same time. This multi-faceted approach to pain management allows the whole body to shift out of pain; instead of just one area at a time and without the use of harmful drugs or radical treatment.”

  • Both medical acupuncture and Oriental medicine offer you a dynamic medical system which has an advanced theoretical understanding of the body. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine postulates that the body is more than a composition of individual components. Instead, it reveals that the body is formulated by interrelated and interconnected networks.

  • "The healthy body is a composition of unique and specialized tissue designed to work together. When in proper balance, they create and maintain a healthy being. It is our job to help manage and restore this balance, so you can enjoy the benefits of a pain free lifestyle."

  • How Quickly Can Acupuncture Relieve And Manage Your Pain?

    Patients often find a reduction in their pain and increased range of motion either during treatment or immediately afterwards. However, each patient is unique in their response to medical acupuncture and pain reduction.

    One example is the treatment of plantar fasciitis where multiple acupuncture techniques are applied to areas that affect the hips, low back, hamstring, Achilles tendon and plantar muscles. Instead of working one area at a time, acupuncture successfully treats all six areas quickly during the same session. This unique pain management benefit allows for quicker and longer lasting effects; which in turn reduces pain and inflammation faster than we would expect from modern pain reduction methods.

  • Proven Main Management, Pain Reduction And Pain Elimination Without Drugs

    Pain is a common problem affecting both genders and most ages, and in many cases results in considerable direct and indirect financial and social costs. The key to successful treatment, pain management and pain relief relies squarely on the correct identification of your problem and determining the right cure.

  • "The good news is that medical acupuncture has a very long and successful tradition of treating pain. It is exceptional in healing, managing and treating a variety of pain injuries and chronic pain when drugs and other treatments have failed."

  • Current clinical and research studies have tested and proven that acupuncture enhances daily activities while dramatically reducing pain and the need for drugs and medications. In addition, medical professionals now recognize the multiple benefits of medical acupuncture and have chosen to cover a wide variety of acupuncture procedures for relieving pain.

    With the use of medical acupuncture the Metro Detroit Acupuncture pain clinic in West Bloomfield, Michigan will create a specialized and individual pain management treatment that correctly addresses the root cause. Metro Detroit Acupuncture then works with you one-on-one to determine the best treatment for your specific condition, and we create a specialized acupuncture and pain management plan that minimizes your treatment time and radically minimizes or completely eliminates the pain. 

  • The Right Choice For Your Pain Management That Can Completely Eliminate Drugs