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  • Stop Smoking Metro Detroit

    Smoking cigarettes are known to directly cause health issues and complicate other disease conditions. Metro Detroit Acupuncture provides an effective and natural solution to this serious health concern.

    Countless numbers of individuals in the Detroit area try to quit smoking every day. From nicotine gum, patches, vaping and “cold turkey” techniques, people will try almost anything to stop this unhealthy and expensive habit. As a former smoker, Marino Moutafis understands the struggles one can face when trying to quit using tobacco products.

    Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are an extremely effective tools in helping reduce the cravings for cigarettes and tobacco products. Utilizing specialized acupuncture techniques, Metro Detroit Acupuncture provides patients with an effective and cost effective solution to help combat their tobacco habits. Many patients find that with just one visit, their desire to smoke almost magically disappears.

    Reduce Cravings For Tobacco Products And Cigarettes

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture’s approach works by supporting the body’s natural circulatory systems ability to eliminate nicotine and other toxins from the body. This method significantly reduces cravings, nervousness and frustration when you trying to quit smoking. By supporting the body’s ability to detox these carcinogenic substances, the smoker is able to reduce their cravings for cigarettes. The faster the body can eliminate these toxins, the less desire the person has to smoke and the quicker one can quit.

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture can support patients in all stages of quitting smoking. From the early stages, to months down the line, acupuncture works to help you stop smoking cigarettes permanently. Most patients find that acupuncture and Chinese herbs significantly reduce cravings during the early stages of quitting. Eliminating cravings during this delicate stage of recovery ensures the patient’s ability to navigate withdrawals symptoms such as nervousness and frustration.

    Each smoker is different, therefore Metro Detroit Acupuncture provides each patient with their own unique acupuncture and herbal program custom made for their needs. Often, this combination of techniques reduces the desire for tobacco products and heal the respiratory system. This holistic process can speed up the quitting process, as well as reverse some of the harmful effects of smoking.

    Quitting smoking has both physiological and psychological strains. With the long term usage of tobacco products, the body and mind have been conditioned to accept these harmful chemicals and often can have a difficult time during the quitting process. Metro Detroit Acupuncture supports their patients physical and emotional needs during this time. We provide powerful and cost effective tools that can increase your chances to permanently eliminate this dangerous and expensive habit. Metro Detroit Acupuncture has help hundreds of people quit smoking.

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