• Did You Know Acupuncture Successfully Treats Spinal Cord Injuries And Nervous System Disorders?

  • Patients suffering with complications caused by a spinal cord injury and nervous system disorders often have complex health concerns.

    Depending on the severity of the condition, each person has their own unique hurdles. Sometimes these obstacles can be both physical and mental.

    Acupuncture and oriental medicine are a tested and medically proven therapy for treating many injuries and stresses to the body and to the mind such as:

    • Neuropathic Pain
    • Anxiety And Depression
    • Chronic Neuralgia
    • Burning Pain Sensations
    • Neurologic Manifestations


    • Neuromuscular Diseases
    • Sleep Disorders And Nervous Disorders
    • Peripheral Nervous System Diseases
    • OCD And PTSD
    • Spinal Cord Diseases
    • Paralysis And Its Side-Effects

    You can trust Metro Detroit Acupuncture to develop a comprehensive and very effective acupuncture and holistic treatment plan for your individual needs. Each plan is carefully designed to address both acute and chronic conditions. Fortunately, many patients that have received our ongoing acupuncture treatments find significant improvement in their condition and overall quality of life with as little as two to three treatments.

  • Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine Offer Many Benefits When Others Fail

    We have seen that starting acupuncture therapy is often a very exciting time for new patients. Each case will vary, but with most cases of acupuncture, patients will often see immediate improvements and relief to the body and mind such as:

    • A Rapid Reduction In Pain
    • Reduced Muscle Spasticity And Increased Range Of Motion
    • Stabilized Blood Pressure
    • A Reduction In Pain Medication Dosages
    • Stable And Lower Blood Sugar Levels
    • Improved Sleep, Digestion And Elimination
    • Less Anxiety And Depression With Increased Energy
    • Elimination Of Chronic Infections Without Pharmaceutical Drugs
    • Increased Immune Functions And Better Overall Health
  • Practical Knowledge With Many Years Of Experience In Acupuncture Treatment

    With almost a decade of experience and expertise, Metro Detroit Acupuncture offers customized and personalized acupuncture treatments to accommodate each individual patient’s needs. Founder Marino Moutafis’s experience and dedication to the study of Oriental medicine has allowed him to master various styles of acupuncture and Chinese herbalism. He has developed a tested and medically proven combination of treatments that include: 

    • Scalp (Zhu and Jiao styles): 2 unique scalp acupuncture styles specifically created for the use for neurological conditions such as paralysis and stroke
    • Direct trigger point acupuncture with or without electro-stimulation
    • Indirect acupuncture (Auricular, Tan, Tong, and Japanese)
    • Chinese herbal medical prescriptions: Historical herbal combination used to help naturally regulate the body.

    In addition, long term use of acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help guarantee the body and the mind a healthy foundation for a more enjoyable and comfortable life.

  • Acupuncture Treatments Deliver Medically Proven Results

    Unfortunately, most individuals dealing with spinal cord injury or nervous system disorders often seek pharmaceutical therapies. Pharmaceutical treatment is oftentimes ineffective, very expensive and carries harmful side effects.

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture has successfully treated many spinal cords injury and nervous system disorders. In addition, patients have been able to quickly stop using prescription drugs. This in turn eliminates any bad side effects and unintended consequences that are common with pain medications.