• How To Use Traditional Chinese Medicine To Dramatically Improve Your Life

  • Did you know that Chinese herbal medicine was once the only science available to treat and heal serious diseases and ailments? In addition, it’s the one constant over past centuries of medical development and medical technology. Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese herbs are proven treatments and methods for well-being founded in empirical research with centuries of clinical trial and error. There are many benefits with the use of Chinese herbal medicine beyond treating colds or the flu and their symptoms. This includes overall pain management, and the elimination of pain related to arthritis or even trauma. Also, Chinese herbs can help stop cold sores and even make them disappear. Other common benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine include:

    • Stop Smoking
    • Stabilize Digestion, Stop Digestion Pain
    • Prevent And Eliminate Allergies
    • Treat Headaches And Cold Symptoms
    • Regulate Blood Pressure
    • Treat Insomnia
    • Regulate Blood Sugar
    • Stop Menstrual Pain
    • Treat Eczema And Psoriasis
    • Successfully Treat Anxiety And Depression
    • Pediatric Care And Pediatric Respiratory Issues
    • Treating Side Effects From Cancer Care
    • Seasonal Affect Disorder
  • In addition, certain Chinese herbs wile combined together can stop hemorrhoid discomfort far better than over the counter medications. Other Chinese herbal medicine can even heal scars after surgery or after accidents. More commonly, a simple 12 herb formula can completely eliminate allergy symptoms that are common in Michigan during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

  • Traditional Chinese Herbals: Proven Science Of 100% Natural Medicine

    Chinese medicine is a highly sophisticated science and medically proven. Chinese herbal formulation is a science based on solid foundational principles that are, with regret, often ignored or misunderstood. Metro Detroit Acupuncture’s Marino Moutafis makes sure to clearly explain the purpose and many benefits from traditional Chinese herbal formulas now available to you and your family.

  • "Don’t Risk Medical Mismanagement, Bad Side Effects Or Other Remedies And Supplements That Don’t Work, Waste Your Time And Valuable Money."

  • With years of special training and clinical experience in hospitals around the United States and in China, Marino Moutafis has mastered the art of Chinese herbal medicine using traditional Chinese herbs. Marino’s scientific use of classical Chinese herbal combinations has produced life changing results for many Michigan residents just like you. His experience and expertise provide the unique ability to successfully blend traditional science with modern clinical diagnosis for life changing results.

    Each Chinese herbal formula incorporates proven concepts of classical formulas designed from the ancient texts of Oriental Chinese medicine. Marino has studied under Chinese medical doctors with generations of herbal and acupuncture mastery, and he relies on his teachers’ experiences and herbal formulas combinations. These teaching are based on classical formulas have been combined and fine-tuned to attack the modern diseases of our time.

  • "Take Advantage Of My Many Years Of Experience As A Certified Herbalist For Treating Modern Day Illnesses In Michigan…"

  • Premium Suppliers: Classical Pearls And Golden Flower Chinese Herbs

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs provides you premium traditional Chinese herbal products of uncompromising caliber and purity. You also have the benefit of our experience and expertise to prescribe unique and potent herbal formulas based on classical medical texts fine-tuned to successfully treat 21st first century aliments diseases. Marino’s herbal practice purchases directly from the top 2 suppliers of Chinese herbs in the United States: Classical Pearls and Golden Flower Chinese Herbs. Both companies manage from start to finish the sourcing, production and formulation of the herbal formulas.

  • “I use only the Highest Quality Organic Chinese Herbs For Better Wellness And Quality Of Life.”

  • Select traditional Chinese herbs are independently tested for chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and microbes. Classical Pearls and Golden Flower Chinese Herbs carefully monitor and supervise the entire origin, production, and supply processes. Individual Chinese herbs are hand selected for ripeness. This careful supervision guarantees you that the right genus, species and parts of the plant are correctly used. Quality testing and carefully monitored control guarantees the purity, identity and the concentration of active ingredients in these premium traditional Chinese medicine herbs. In addition, a superior testing method guarantees these Chinese herbal formulas go beyond international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

  • Affordable Chinese Herbal Medicine That’s Simple And Easy For You To Use

    Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese herbs may be used either as single herbs or incorporated in special herbal formulas. These formulas are easy to administer (pill or capsule form), very cost-effective and have the advantage of being free of negative side effects when compared to modern western pharmaceutical medicines.

    We consciously offer affordably priced, high quality, herbal products to make Chinese herbal medicine available to as many patients as possible. Average patient for these herbal prescriptions average between $.75 to $1.15 per day.

  • “Special Benefits Of Classical Pearls Chinese Herbs…”

    Each Classical Pearl herbal formula are uniquely designed by Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc. With over three decades of experience researching and translating the classics, Dr. Fruehauf has fine-tuned each formula from a modern clinical perspective to treat patients suffering from the complex diseases of our time such as: arthritis, Lyme disease, digestion, nervous system, chronic disease and autoimmune disorders

  • Unique Benefits Of Golden Flower Chinese Herbs

    Golden Flower Chinese Herbs offers an exceptional line of Chinese herbal formulas designed by clinicians and manufactured with select Chinese herbs since 1990. Golden Flower Chinese Herbs extra-concentrated formulations have been formulated for ease of use and low cost. Golden Flower formulas are extremely effective in the treatment for chronic upper respiratory infection, allergies, colds and flu symptoms, high blood pressure, injury recovery and reproductive health.

    Marino Moutafis
    Metro Detroit Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs