• Clinically Proven Traditional Chinese Medicine For Colds, The Flu And Immune System Diseases

  • Whether it’s the start of a new winter season or the onset of new pollens mixing into the air we breathe, our bodies are in a constant battle to stay healthy and vitalized. Proper nutrition, sufficient exercise and healthy living practices are often not enough to combat powerful adversaries in nature. Many times over-the-counter medications do not work, and many prescription medications come with unwanted side effects. For these reasons people just like you are actively seeking the many benefits of Traditional Oriental Medicine to achieve and maintain better health and wellness.

  • Metro Detroit Acupuncture has an extensive selection of Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture techniques custom-made to help your body win the fight for better health. Using the right combination of modern medical knowledge and ancient Chinese remedies, Metro Detroit Acupuncture quickly and effectively fights off respiratory diseases, allergies and the influenza. In addition, we can successfully:

    • Reduce And Eliminate Asthma Related Symptoms
    • Relieve Acute And Chronic Symptoms Of Upper Respiratory Illness
    • Successfully Treat and Eliminate Sinus Allergies
    • Quickly Reduce The Intensity And Duration Of Illness
    • Relieve Sinus Pressure, Infection And Pain
    • Easily Open And Clear Sinus Passages
    • Reduce Fevers And Eliminate Chills
    • Eliminate Sore Throats And Restore Loss Of Voice
    • Reduce And Eliminate Post Nasal Drips
    • Cure Flu Symptoms Like Body Aches And Digestive Problems
    • Increase Your Immune Health To Prevent Colds And Flu Symptoms

    Tested and proven acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbology is amazingly effective in treating common colds, the flu, respiratory problems and immune system diseases here in Michigan. Through Oriental medicine properly administered at Metro Detroit Acupuncture we can systematically treat and cure ailments and diseases, and all without the harmful side effects of Western medicine.

  • Fast Acting, Affordable And Amazing Effective Treatments 

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture offers many proven and affordable herbal and acupuncture treatments for both acute and chronic cold and flu symptoms. This is fast acting with minimal or even no unwanted side effects. In addition, our unique approach treats both the symptoms of illness, and it gets down to the root of your condition. You also get the advantage of balancing your body to properly support the digestive, respiratory and cardio vascular systems. This balanced approach allows for better health, faster reaction times to treatments, and longer lasting results to those treatments.

    In addition, the safety and effectiveness of our Chinese herbal formulas are based on Mr. Moutafis' expert knowledge and clinical experience. We order products directly from the best herbal suppliers in the world, and Mr. Moutafis can also create custom herbal formalizations for both common and complex conditions that outperform western medicine and other holistic centers in Michigan.

  • Safe And Trusted Alternatives For Cold And Flu Treatment Without The Harmful Side Effects