• Understanding The Benefits Of Medically Proven Acupuncture 

    Numerous clinical research studies have revealed that acupuncture and Oriental medicine can benefit a variety of common ailments. Research has indicated acupuncture can successfully treat conditions that range from spinal pain to the reduction and elimination of arthritis, migraines, headaches, PTSD, insomnia, lyme disease and infertility. In addition, hundreds of case studies show that science-based acupuncture is a very effective treatment to STOP SMOKING and treat many common diseases and their symptoms. Clinically proven acupuncture also treats and relieves many other common health problems you may not be aware of such as:

    • The Reduction And Elimination Of Common Allergies
    • Treating Strokes And Seizures In Adults And Children
    • Reducing Your Weight, Treating Depression And Anxiety
    • Reducing And Eliminating the Need For Pain Medication
    • Successfully Relieving Colds, The Flu And Their Symptoms
    • Increasing Energy, Increasing Vitality And Rejuvenating Your Body   

    If you are seriously looking to dramatically improve your health, reduce and eliminate pain then medical acupuncture is perfect for you. Acupuncture is a safe and effective alternative to pills and traditional medical procedures that are not always effective. Millions of Americans like you are now discovering the endless medical benefits of acupuncture. In addition, many Insurance Companies and medical practitioners across Michigan and the United States are now recognizing acupuncture as an extremely effective medical procedure that works!

  • Metro Detroit Acupuncture Treatment Includes

  • Sports Acupuncture

    Sports Acupuncture

  • Stop Smoking

    Stop Smoking

  • Women's Health

    Women's Health

  • The Perfect Union Between Western Medicine And Proven Medical Acupuncture And Traditional Chinese Herbs

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture Clinic provides you the highest-level experience in science-based acupuncture with the added benefit of a diverse background in Oriental medicine. We meld modern medical knowledge with traditional medical theories. This blending of modern and historical knowledge allow for a greater understanding and treatment of disease patterns. This is crucial because not all conditions and diseases should be treated exactly the same.

    You are not likely to find this high level of expertise and care at every acupuncture clinic. Our comprehensive approach combined with expert knowledge acupuncture and Oriental medical theory greatly enhances the correct diagnoses of your condition. This holistic diagnosis dramatically improves your individual treatment, quickly aids in pain reduction and increases the speed of wellness. Other benefits of Metro Detroit Acupuncture include:

    • General Dietary Nutritional And Support Counseling
    • Successfully Treating Sports-Related Injuries In Children And Adults
    • Proper Diagnosis Of Your Condition With The Proper Acupuncture Treatment
    • Deep Relaxation And Greater Mind-Body Connection
    • Ongoing Education Regarding Your Acupuncture Treatment And Your Body’s Overall Wellness, Well-Being And Release Of Tensions 

    Metro Detroit Acupuncture Clinic provides you the highest level of education and experience in medically proven acupuncture that includes Classical and Chinese Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture, Tan Acupuncture, Tong Acupuncture and Moxibustion. This comprehensive education and diagnostic system delivers you and your family proven acupuncture treatment that is clinically tested and medically proven. We provide our Michigan community trusted science-based acupuncture treatment for common diseases and ailments that is a safe and effective alternative to using pain medication and other western medical treatments that may not work all the time. 

  • You'll Love The Highest Level Of Proven Scientific Acupuncture And Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

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