• One Woman’s Experience with Acupuncture to Relieve Period Pain

  • One Woman’s Experience with Acupuncture to Relive Period Pain

    One young women profiled here documented her four-month journey to pain relief through acupuncture treatments. She had been suffering debilitating PMS symptoms for many years and had tried everything, to no avail. She went in to the acupuncturist’s office skeptical but soon realized the treatments worked. Receiving treatment two times a week for two months, she had been feeling some relief but it wasn’t until her acupuncturist put the needle in her foot (right under the big toe) that she really began experiencing the positive effects.

    The acupuncturist, a Native American, explained that meridians, or energy pathways, in the body are connected to how well the reproductive organs function. Traditional Chinese medicine has long thought there is a link between energetic shifts in the body and hormonal changes. Essentially, energy flow gets knocked off balance temporarily, with acupuncture believed to relieve those energy blockages.

    She received this foot treatment over the course of four months, as well as treatment in other areas such as the lower back near the kidneys. Even after the first treatment, she could feel an improvement in the intensity of her menstrual cramps, with less bloating and less breast sensitivity. Even her indigestion cleared up a bit. Her period was still 10 days late, however.

    The acupuncturist told her to come in for a session if her period was late the next month, so she did, and got a needle stuck in her foot once again. The next day, she got her period, followed by the same situation the next month. Symptoms got progressively better over the next few months. One month, she didn’t feel the need to take ibuprofen at all. A less heavy flow and fewer cramps were also present.

    Because she moved away, she had to discontinue her sessions. It wasn’t long before her extreme PMS symptoms came back. She was more irritable, and had more cramping with increased flow. Essentially, she was back to where she started, leading her to believe the acupuncture sessions were extremely effective for menstrual pain.

    She’s not alone. Several studies have been done on this effect.

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