• Acupuncture Increases Chances of Getting Pregnant Through IVF

  • Acupuncture Increases Chances of Getting Pregnant Through IVF

    A recent study has shown that acupuncture can elevate your chances of getting pregnant when going through IVF, or in vitro fertilization. Originating from ancient Chinese medicine, the treatment can increase a woman’s chance of getting pregnant by 6%, according to a European fertility center that conducted a study over three years’ time.

    This was attributed to the increased blood flow to the uterus, making it more receptive to embryo implantation when transferred.

    Acupuncture, which entails the stimulation of sensory nerves under the skin and within the muscles, has been attributed to even doubling the chances of a woman conceiving with IVF in previous studies.

    Doctor Hana Visnova, medical-director at IVF Cube in the Czech Republic, led the study, saying there is already a very small margin between success and failure in regards to fertility treatment. The team studied more than 3,000 women and 4,400 cycles, considering both frozen-embryo-transfer (FET) options as well as cycles that used the patient’s natural eggs. Some were even via donated eggs.

    Acupuncture was used on the patient before and after embryo implantation. Of the approximately 4,000 cycles without acupuncture, nearly 2,500 pregnancies were discovered, with a rate of pregnancy of 60 percent. Of the 300 or so cycles with acupuncture, 200 conceptions occurred, resulting in an even higher pregnancy rate of 66 percent.

    Dr. Visnova and her team attribute this method to having a direct impact on the human body’s biology, targeting specific pressure points throughout. Acupuncture increases the flow of blood to the uterus while creating neurotransmitters to aid in pain relief. Acupuncture also helps the uterus’ lining become more receptive to the embryo when transferred, helping with implantation during IVF.

    This approach can also relax the cervix and keep away any painful cramps as a side benefit.

    Is Acupuncture Safe?

    It is generally known that when safely practiced under the care of an expert, acupuncture is safe. There could be some mild side effects such as:

    • Pain at puncture site
    • Bleeding or bruising at the site
    • Drowsiness
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Worsening of pre-existing symptoms

    Those who suffer from bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia, or who take anticoagulants, should talk to their doctor before undergoing acupuncture.

    It’s been shown that acupuncture is safe for pregnant women. But always tell your doctor if you are pregnant before undergoing acupuncture.

    Back to the study…There has been some question about a possible placebo effect, but Dr. Visnova says even if that is so, the patient is still more relaxed, leading to many benefits. She points out that IVF can be very stressful, and when the body is fraught with stress, it doesn’t function right. In fact, it goes into “fight or flight” mode, which is not good for reproductive health.

    The conclusion is, if acupuncture can help reduce stress, it can be very beneficial when it comes to clinical fertility treatment.

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