• Acupuncture for Pregnancy-Related Acute Conditions

  • Acupuncture for Pregnancy-Related Acute Conditions

    In response to big concerns regarding the use of medication by a mother while pregnant has led to the need to seek out safer interventions. Acupuncture, as an emerging alternative for several clinical conditions, has been the objective in yet another study to explore acupuncture for pregnancy-associated acute conditions.

    This new study assesses the effects of acupuncture for acute conditions present during pregnancy. The results support the theory that acupuncture is a solid option for the alleviation of pain during labor, as well as for reversing breech birth presentation. It has also been found to help manage pelvic pain and back pain throughout pregnancy.

    While studies have been performed in the past on the efficacy of acupuncture to induce labor, there is currently insufficient evidence to support that. Also insufficient is evidence to say acupuncture manages nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy, improves sleep quality, controls nausea and vomiting after Caesarean delivery, and manages urinary tract infection. Studies to prove this are still ongoing.

    Researchers have concluded that acupuncture can be an option for alleviating pain associated with pregnancy and some aspects of labor. More studies are required in order to confirm the effects of acupuncture for other pregnancy-related acute conditions.

    Other Women’s Health Issues Helped by Acupuncture

    Here at Metro Detroit Acupuncture, we use a holistic approach in understanding women’s health. Acupuncture can help the practitioner create treatment plans based on an individual’s needs, rather than just the symptoms. That’s why it’s such an effective tool in supporting a woman’s health.

    Thus, acupuncture has been found to:

    • Regulate menstrual cycles
    • Correct irregular periods
    • Reduce pain during cycles
    • Eliminate hormone-related acne and dermatological issues
    • Treat and manage endometriosis
    • Reduce uterine fibroids

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