• Acupuncture And Chinese Herbs For Seasonal Allergies

  • As the spring winds blow into southeastern Michigan, thousands of individuals restart their yearly struggle with seasonal allergies. Sinus congestion, runny noses, and itchy eyes interrupt our daily routine in numerous ways. Prescription and over the counter medications often do not work, and can carry hefty side effects. Luckily, acupuncture and Oriental medicine have been shown to be extremely effective for maintaining seasonal allergies.

    Acupuncture and Chinese herbology are extraordinary tools in the treatment of respiratory allergies. Metro Detroit Acupuncture has an arsenal of Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture techniques custom made to help the body in its fight against seasonal allergies. Using a combination of modern medical knowledge, with ancient proven remedies, Metro Detroit Acupuncture attacks allergy symptoms with swift and effective results.

    Our approach is to not only treat the symptoms of illness, but to get to the root of the condition. Supporting the digestive, respiratory and cardio vascular system together, instead of suppressing immune response. This approach allows for quicker and longer lasting results.

    Acupuncture does an excellent job in treating acute and chronic symptoms. Patients can feel the results within just minutes of the acupuncture therapy. We use acupuncture points and techniques that increase circulation, reduce mucus, stop pain and increase immune functions. Results are long lasting, and carry over a cumulative effect for many patients. After using acupuncture during both allergy and non-allergy seasons, patients find themselves less reactive to their environmental triggers.

    There are 4 major acupuncture points that help to relieve sinus symptoms caused by environmental allergens. We can utilize these points using acupuncture in the clinic, or acupressure at home. LI-4, LI -20, LU-7, ST-40 and BL-7 are extremely effective points that help to reduce mucus in the sinus (ST-40), increase circulation in the sinus cavities (LI-4, LI-20 and BL-7), and boost the immune system (LU-7).

    As you can see from the images below, some point areas are located all over the body. We can use acupuncture points on the legs, hands and head. These all have a positive effect in the treatment of:

    • Treating acute and chronic symptoms of allergies
    • Treating and eliminating asthma related symptoms
    • Reducing and eliminating sinus allergies
    • Reducing sinus pressure and pain
    • Opening and clearing sinus passages
    • Eliminating sore throat and post nasal drip
    • Reducing and eliminating post nasal drip
    • Restoring loss of voice

    Acupuncture For Seasonal AllergiesMetro Detroit Acupuncture offers various cost effective herbal treatment options for both acute and chronic allergy symptoms. These products are fast-acting, affordable and have a very low risk of side effects.

    The safety and effectiveness of our herbal formulas are based on knowledge and clinical experience. We order products directly from the best herbal suppliers in the world. Mr. Moutafis can also create custom herbal formalizations for both common and complex conditions.

    One of the most common herbal formulations he prescribes is Jade Windscreen Formula (Yu Ping Feng San). This herbal formula combats the root disorder that causes individuals to respond to the seasonal allergens. This formula helps to boost the immune system, reducing the bodies sensitivity to seasonal allergen. We prescribe this to patients whose immune system is weak, susceptible to illness and suffer from acute allergies.

    In cases where sinus congestion is a prevalent issue, we add the Xanthium formula (Cang Er Zi San) to the Jade Windscreen. This modification helps to open sinus and resolve sinus headaches. Other modifications are customized for specific symptoms such as burning sensation, watery eyes, ear aches, sinus discharge and smell loss.

    Environmental allergies affect all aspects of our lifestyle in Michigan. Whether you are gardening in your backyard in Troy or golfing in Bloomfield Hills, allergies can reduce one’s ability to enjoy the wonderful outdoors. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine are safe, effective tools to help naturally treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies. It has been shown to be a better option than allergy shots and prescription medication. In the majority of cases, patients see long lasting benefits with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.