• Acupuncture Can Treat Post-Stroke Depression

  • Acupuncture Can Treat Post-Stroke Depression

    A study has found that acupuncture is more effective than fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac) to treat depression after stroke. Researchers at Hebei Medical University Affiliated Cangzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine wanted to explore the effects of acupuncture on patients with post-stroke depression. This randomized, controlled clinical trial consisted of a control group that got fluoxetine hydrochloride and an acupuncture treatment group. The latter showed and an effective rate of 96 percent, while the drug control group had an 87 percent effective rate.

    Acupuncture outperformed the Prozac on all mediums:

    • HAMD: Measures aspects of mental health.
    • NIHSS: Neurological examination of adverse effects to stroke.
    • Barthel Index: Measures ability to live independently in terms of mobility and activities of daily living.
    • TESS: Measures the safety of treatment as well as its efficacy.

    The acupuncture group out-performed the control group across all tests by nine percent.

    The chances for depression one year after a stroke can hit as high as 30 percent. Depression can originate from many causes of stroke, such as motor dysfunction, speech disorders, urinary difficulties, etc. The recovery process can suffer adverse effects if treatment is not secured immediately. Researchers tested primary acu-points as an adjunct to Traditional Chinese Medicine, including:

    • Baihui
    • Sishencong
    • Shenting

    Treatments were given once a day for eight weeks, with needle retention time being one half hour per session.


    Results of the study revealed that acupuncture can be used safely and effectively for relief of post-stroke depression. Another similar study was done by Guangdong Chinese Medicine School researchers who also found that acupuncture is beneficial for patients who have suffered stroke. Patients getting acupuncture had a 90% effective rate when it came to motor abilities.

    These investigators also looked into the biological effects of acupuncture on the brain, showing that acupuncture can stimulate angiogenesis and nerve repair after cerebral ischemia. Bottom line for both studies: acupuncture is an effective treatment for depression in stroke patients.

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