• Acupuncture Can Reduce Disc Herniation Inflammation

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    Acupuncture can reduce lower back pain and referred leg pain in people who suffer from lumbar disc herniations. Researchers from Haikou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine compared the results of two groups. One group got oral diclofenac, while the other got acupuncture as well as diclofenac. The group receiving both treatments greatly outperformed the group that just received drug monotherapy. The conclusion was that acupuncture significantly contributes to a reduction in pain for those with lumbar disc herniations.

    The visual analog scale, scores from the Japanese Orthopedic Association, and serum levels of substance P and interleukin-6 all confirmed the results. Drug monotherapy achieved an effectiveness rate of 87.72 percent and acupuncture w/ drug therapy produced an effective rate of 94.92 percent. Adding acupuncture to treatment protocols greatly reduced serum proinflammatory biomarker as well as pain levels. Long-term pain relief was confirmed thanks to one month follow-ups after treatment.

    All patients in the study received acupuncture once a day for a total of 10 days. Needles were inserted and twirled utilizing a method of balanced tonification and reducing. Needle depth varied by patient size.

    The results revealed that acupuncture along with diclofenac can reduce waist, back, and leg discomfort and pain. Patients also found they had a much better ability to practice self-care.

    Everyone in the study had more than a 50 percent prevalence of blood stasis syndrome in their lower backs, as per Chinese medicine, Jing Luo theory. The conclusion was that the medication protocol and Jiaji acupuncture was effective in lowering pain levels as well as secretion of substance P and proinflammatory agents IL-6 for those suffering from lumbar disc herniations.

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