• Acupuncture For Bronchitis Relief

  • Acupuncture For Bronchitis Relief

    Researchers at the Shijiazhuang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have found that acupuncture is effective at treating chronic bronchitis. They revealed that acupuncture increases immunoglobulin production and benefits the health of elderly patients who suffer from chronic bronchitis. Immunoglobulins, functioning as antibodies, are essentially proteins in the immune system that counteract antigens such as viruses, foreign substances, bacteria, and toxins.

    It was determined that a certain combination of acupuncture points can alleviate symptoms of chronic bronchitis, with clinical improvements quantifiable with blood assays.

    Study Specifics

    Researchers delved into the clinical benefits of Feishu and Sihua (Four Flower), making the determination that acupuncture enhanced immunoglobulin levels while offering large clinical improvements at the same time.

    They chose three classic acupuncture points when treating respiratory disorders, all three being Beishu (Back Shu). Four Flowers was first used by Gao Wu back in the 13th century as evidenced in The Classic of Supplementing Life with Acupuncture and Moxibustion. This was a study using this Four Flower combination which he found treated coughing. He also found acupuncture could treat blood deficiencies, emaciation, tidal-fever, and steaming-bone syndrome – all diseases common to that era.

    The study was divided into two groups: one receiving drug therapy and acupuncture and one getting drug therapy and an herbal cough syrup. Those who got acupuncture therapy showed more successful results. The study looked at 60 patients at Shijiazhuang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, averaging about 68 years old, with chronic bronchitis diagnosed between April and December 2012.

    One 20-minute acupuncture session took place for one group every day for a month. In the herbal cough syrup control group, patients ingested 10 ml of cough syrup three times a day for one month. Drug therapy was the same for both groups.

    When results were studied, it was found that acupuncture produced greater positive patient outcomes than the herbal cough syrup. Researchers found that acupuncture is safe and effective for the treatment of chronic bronchitis in seniors when used as part of a comprehensive strategy.

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