• Panic Attacks And Acupuncture

  • Man Having Panic Attack

    Acupuncture has the ability to bring great relief when treating panic attacks, and for many patients, the impact can be felt almost immediately. Often, patients will experience a decrease in the frequency and duration of their panic attacks after just their first acupuncture treatment. The mind-body connection really comes into play when treating panic attacks and any related anxiety.

    Panic Attacks And Anxiety

    Because so many of us juggle life and workplace stressors while maintaining busy schedules, it is not uncommon for the average person to experience a panic attack. Panic attacks are very real and for many people, a panic attack can be the most traumatic and distressing condition they’ve ever experienced. Not always necessarily triggered by or attributable to specific events, panic attacks can occur seemingly out of the blue for some people. Other times, excess stress can be the obvious trigger for an attack. The aftermath of a panic attack can cause some to develop great anxiety about having additional attacks in the future, thus increasing their stress level, and affecting the quality of their lives.

    Acupuncture As An Alternative Treatment For Panic Attacks

    Your acupuncturist will determine exactly what your needs are, and each patient will have different needs, but there are specific points on the body that an acupuncturist can use to deal with panic attacks and symptoms. In addition to addressing the panic attacks, an acupuncturist will also work on treating anxiety and stress in a patient. And if necessary, other anxiety-related symptoms such as heart palpitations, fear or shortness of breath will be treated and patients may even see other benefits and resolved issues beyond the panic and anxiety relief.

    Lifestyle Changes Can Aid Acupuncture In Treating Panic

    Acupuncture has been found to be an effective non-invasive, alternative method to treating panic attacks and related anxiety. We suggest that while being treated with acupuncture, our patients should attempt to make certain lifestyle changes that would help reduce or control the aspects of their lives that might be contributing to increased stress and anxiety. Even designating some time each day for rest and reflection can help with focus and stress levels. Your licensed acupuncturist at Marino Acupuncture Clinic can offer you the proper support and counseling that will successfully help in treating your condition. Our diverse background in oriental medicine ensures that your treatment plan will be customized to your specific needs.